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By deploying a Fiber Optic network we provide broadband access to our telecommunications nodes and then to our end customers. This technology has the traditional advantages of cable networks:

  • The speed of data transmission by optical fiber is much faster.
  • Better bandwidth.
  • Avoid interference.
  • Improves video and sound quality.
  • More network security.


This wireless broadband technology allows us to take the bandwidth to areas of difficult access and is easy to install.

Once configured, Wi-Fi networks allow multi-device access without problems or infrastructure spending.

You can choose between several free or licensed frequencies. The speed they reach is lower than that of cable.

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LTE (Long Term Evolution)

This is a standard for wireless high-speed data transmission communications for mobile phones and data terminals. Some of its main characteristics are:

  • High spectrum efficiency.
  • Very low latency.
  • Adaptive bandwidth: 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 MHz.
  • It can work in many different frequency bands.
  • More than 200 users per cell. 5 MHz cell.


We implement different levels of control, management and security in the Wi-Fi networks of our customers.

Through the integral management of the bandwidth we can improve the user experience with services such as:

  • Visibility and control of incoming and outgoing traffic, usage and performance.
  • Prioritisation of traffic by type of services (navigation, email, social networks, penalisation of P2P files ...).
  • Wi-Fi network monitoring.
  • Reports: traffic, number of connected users, used bandwidth, number of connected devices...
  • Registration and control of users (registration and control of navigation for legal purposes).
  • In addition, to optimise the effectiveness and profitability of the broadband customer, we offer other comprehensive management services such as:

    • Creation of Customised Hotspots as a communication platform with the client.
    • Integration with management systems, CRM, PMS, ERP...
    • Validation by social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...).
    • High security measures in the network against possible attacks (pineaple, FMS...).
    • Analytics: obtaining detailed data to optimise your company's performance or to know the behaviour of your customers for return on investment (ROI), through: statistics (export data connections, traffic...), database (storage of the data recorded), data capture (integration of customer data), client behaviour (frequency of visits, flow of traffic, location of customers...).
    • Support Services (CAU).


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