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By deploying a Fiber Optic network we provide broadband access to our telecommunications nodes and then to our end customers. This technology has the traditional advantages of cable networks:

  • The speed of data transmission by optical fiber is much faster.
  • Better bandwidth.
  • Avoid interference.
  • Improves video and sound quality.
  • More network security.


This wireless broadband technology allows us to take the bandwidth to areas of difficult access and is easy to install.

Once configured, Wi-Fi networks allow multi-device access without problems or infrastructure spending.

You can choose between several free or licensed frequencies. The speed they reach is lower than that of cable.

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

This is a standard for wireless high-speed data transmission communications for mobile phones and data terminals. Some of its main characteristics are:

  • High spectrum efficiency.
  • Very low latency.
  • Adaptive bandwidth: 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 MHz.
  • It can work in many different frequency bands.
  • More than 200 users per cell. 5 MHz cell.


We implement different levels of control, management and security in the Wi-Fi networks of our customers.

Through the integral management of the bandwidth we can improve the user experience with services such as:

  • Visibility and control of incoming and outgoing traffic, usage and performance.
  • Prioritisation of traffic by type of services (navigation, email, social networks, penalisation of P2P files ...).
  • Wi-Fi network monitoring.
  • Reports: traffic, number of connected users, used bandwidth, number of connected devices...
  • Registration and control of users (registration and control of navigation for legal purposes).
  • In addition, to optimise the effectiveness and profitability of the broadband customer, we offer other comprehensive management services such as:

    • Creation of Customised Hotspots as a communication platform with the client.
    • Integration with management systems, CRM, PMS, ERP...
    • Validation by social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...).
    • High security measures in the network against possible attacks (pineaple, FMS...).
    • Analytics: obtaining detailed data to optimise your company's performance or to know the behaviour of your customers for return on investment (ROI), through: statistics (export data connections, traffic...), database (storage of the data recorded), data capture (integration of customer data), client behaviour (frequency of visits, flow of traffic, location of customers...).
    • Support Services (CAU).


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