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We live in an environment of change and continuous threats to the network. Cybercrime is the order of the day and the security of computer networks to keep companies and data protected has become a critical need. At Nethits Telecom we have the best and most secure technology to connect all your resources and processes safely.

Colleges, hospitals, hotels and other companies need to improve security in their networks to avoid possible attacks or the use of their networks as a means of committing a crime.

Our solutions provide the scalability necessary for companies to add capabilities as they need them, to simplify and centralise their management, while reducing the costs of maintaining complex multi-device protection systems.

Managing protection centrally, with broad visibility of applications, data and users, both wired and wireless networks and avoiding a multiplicity of security devices and technologies are all part of these solutions, which we include at three levels for companies and one specific one for the operator:

BASIC: Firewall level 4

  • VPN
  • QoS
  • Bock Peer to Peer

MEDIUM: Firewall level 4

  • VPN
  • QoS
  • Web filter
  • Bock Peer to Peer

HIGH: Firewall UTM

  • VPN
  • QoS
  • Web Filter
  • Filter Applications
  • Perimeter Antivirus
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Antimalware
  • Antiphising
  • DoS
  • ATP (Advanced Thread Protection)
  • Security Fabric: System by which the different elements of a network communicate to secure it to the maximum level.

OPERATOR: Firewall level 7

  • Specific Application Control



Advice on the design of the network architecture, as well as solutions to improve its infrastructure. Audit of network security.


Comprehensive maintenance for our facilities and solutions, with an SLA adapted to the needs of each company/sector. Predictive (Detection of system failures before they happen), preventive (techniques to minimise risks) or corrective (equipment replacement) and through telephone, remote or on-site support.

Management and administration of the Hardware environment, replacement of the equipment, technical verification of its operation and remote intervention. Management of network security (security policies) and use management (traffic, users ...). Periodic availability and performance reports.


Specialised personnel that provides specific and immediate solutions at all levels. Immediate resolution of problems. Notification of critical incidents via mail and SMS.


Attention to the requests for information required by our clients. Reports of all the calls received and made that our operators attend, with a quantitative and qualitative report of their management and resolution. Level 1 and Level 2 services.


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