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Integrated fixed and mobile voice solutions

Integrated fixed and mobile voice solutions



This system allows scaling of the telephony system by eliminating the license limitations of most telephone exchanges and allowing full integration with other systems such as data networks.



  • High Availability.
  • Great Mobility.
  • Possibility of limitless extension by licenses.
  • Cost reduction in telephony.
  • Possibility of integration with other systems.
  • Call reporting management.
  • System availability report.
  • Call control and redirection of these from the operator's telephone console or from a WEB.
  • Automation of call processing (from a DDI to an extension or select options by DTMF).
  • Voicemail with e-mail.
  • Possibility of automatic text to speech.
  • DISA option (to call from mobile through to the switchboard).
  • Activate call diversions through the web platform or through codes in terminals.
  • Capturing individual and group calls.
  • Custom integration with customer applications.


The MultiVoize solution achieves a unique switchboard vision both for its internal and external management and operation, for companies with different headquarters or groups of companies.

The unique switchboard vision for customers can be achieved either by using the same number for the different venues or with different numbers per office but with the same IVR for all of them.

Internally the solution means you do not have to call the geographic number where the headquarters are located, but you can call the extension directly or allow queues or diversions to extensions of different headquarters.


  • Single number option for all venues.
  • Global IVR option for all venues.
  • Add diversions to extensions of different venues.
  • Add queues for extensions of different venues.


Telephony system developed for all types of Call Center.


  • Queue management (dynamic, static ...).
  • Functionality of direct or remote monitoring by the agent.
  • Call recording.
  • Report Management.
  • Campaigns.
  • Multi-HQ in Call Center.
  • Administration periods.
  • Web panel with limitation of privileges by agents.
  • Internal Chat.
  • Customisable by projects.


In a world in which computer and telecommunications networks tend to converge on the same medium to unify infrastructures and costs, IP network telephony sets the trend to drastically reduce communication costs for the business.

The specific Hospitality Voize solution is targeted at large, medium or small hotels as a scalable solution, with no licensing costs, allowing full integration with other systems. This solution has incorporated all the benefits of Voize solutions, and specific functionalities developed exclusively for the Hospitality sector.


  • High Availability.
  • Great Mobility.
  • Possibility of limitless extension by licenses.
  • Cost reduction in telephony.
  • High availability compared to conventional switchboard solutions.
  • Integration with the hotel's PMS system.
  • Possibility of integration with other systems (Domotics, security, automation of processes etc).
  • Welcome system in different languages.
  • Alarm Clock service.
  • Do Not Disturb Service.
  • Wifi password recorded.
  • Public address system with the same IP terminals, or with public address systems.
  • Configuration of the extensions according to the profile of each one.
  • Voicemail with e-mail, with different languages depending on the extension.
  • Centralisation of communications in case of different venues.
  • Call reporting.
  • Call history.
  • Status report per agent or extension.
  • System availability report.

    From Nethits you can have as many conference rooms as you need according to the needs of your organisation. The rooms can be arranged for occasional or monthly use with the products of the Voize family.

    Main characteristics:

    • Access through geographic numbering, to be able to send the conference participants the call for the conference.
    • Maximum number of users allowed.
    • Access by pin modifiable by the conference administrator.
    • Allow period of time when room is available.
    • Announce user account.
    • Possibility to play message when the first person enters.
    • Possibility to wait for administrator before starting the conference.
    • End the conference when the organiser leaves.
    • Record the conference.
    • Send conference report.

    Systems to create meetings with participants thousands of kilometers away as if they were in the same room, integrating top quality manufacturers like HUAWEI, GRANDSTREAM.


    Solution intended for all those companies that need to maintain their current physical switchboard, but need to benefit from IP telephony.

    For this, Nethits has the Trunk SIP service for access and termination of calls with capacity in different packages of simultaneous voice channels.

    Configure your IP PBX to make and receive calls through the Nethits trunk. Compatible with the main traditional brands of telephony: Cisco, Avaya, Panasonic, Elastix, 3CX, Grandstream, Linksys, Siemens Samsung.

    Main characteristics:

    • Identification by fixed or registered IP address with authentication. VPN access is also allowed.
    • Multiple simultaneous channels at no additional cost.
    • Supported codecs: G711a, G729.
    • Routing of incoming calls with intelligent forwarding.
    • Configuration help guides.
    • Geographic numbers by Trunk are unlimited.
    • The number of simultaneous outputs will be 15 or 30.
    • Service level agreements.


    Service for sending and receiving faxes by mail. The faxes you receive are automatically digitised and sent to your email as an attached PDF. Send faxes directly from the computer without printing and moving to the fax machine to send it.

    You can send or receive a fax on any mobile device with connectivity without having to be in the office.


    We can offer added services like the attribution of the national geographical numbering of all the Spanish provinces, as well as international or special numbering (900/800).In any of the products of the family Voize family you can contract different additional numbers both national or international.If you do not want your numbering to be associated with any province you can contract smart numbering (900, 901,902).

    Nethits has its own department of provision and portability.

    Consumption (fees and vouchers)

    Very competitive rates for national, international and mobile consumption. In addition, if you want to have controlled payment of your telephony you can have the associated vouchers adapted to your consumption.

    Contact us for more information.


    We work with the best manufacturers in the market. IP Terminals, Wireless Headsets, Bluetooth Headsets, Straps, Yealink, Gateways ... etc.


    We have our own mobile telephony integrated with our virtual or existing switchboard solutions. We get your mobiles to behave like corporate extensions of the switchboard, and to have an internal short number for easy management. Customisable business rates for the structure and size of your business. Internet access via mobile systems with 3G/4G networks.

    Missed call service, facilities to actívate/dis-activate options: Caller ID, identity concealer, call waiting, call forwarding. MultiSIM cards. Limits and control of consumption by extension and detailed invoice. User groups.


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